About L'inis

To contribute to the development of film, television and interactive media professional milieus in Quebec and Canada by offering individuals and firms training programs and tutoring that promote the diversity of contents and meet the demands and changes of the audiovisual, communication and entertainment markets.

L’inis team, through its partners, trainers and personnel, offers to those professionals willing to develop their skills and express their talent a stimulating environment for learning, sharing, exchanging and practicing in symbiosis with the milieu.  

L’inis, the center of the milieu

Serving the milieu

L’institut national de l’image et du son (L’inis) is a professional training center that offers the film, television and interactive milieus training programs whose pedagogy is based on practice, the understanding of professional realities, team work and the development of skills to create and defend original contents. As an approved Apple training center, L’inis also offers courses concerning computer systems programming and management.

The institute is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1990 financially supported by the Ministère de la Culture, des Communications du Québec. L’inis also receives support from several public and private organizations, including its major partners:  Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television – Quebec section, Technicolor-Services Créatifs, Claude-Jutra Foundation, Union des artistes and Alliance québécoise des techniciens de l’image et du son and their respective members.

L'inis offers training in French, except for the Apple program.

It is in operation since 1996.


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